Daily Crusade Prayers

Introductory Prayers

(Core prayers are included here with daily prayers.)

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+ Prayer for forgiveness

Jesus forgive me, for I have sinned. [reflect] 

We ask our favorite saint(s) to join us in prayer.  (Jesus, Dec 20, 2010.)

We ask our Mother of Salvation, all the saints, and the Angels to join in these prayers and act as intercessors before you, O Lord, for us and our families, for all those we promised to pray for.  Amen.  (Add your own favourite Saints as needed) 

 To Bless and Protect our Crusade Prayer Group (Pray before and after Crusade prayers)**

(96) O my dearest Jesus, please bless and protect us, Your Crusade Prayer Group, so that we become immune to the wicked assaults of the devil, and to any evil spirits, which may torment us in this Sacred Mission to save souls.

May we remain loyal and strong, as we persevere to keep Your Holy Name before the world and never waiver in our struggle to spread the Truth of Your Holy Word.  Amen 

For immunity for all those we pray for

God the Most High, in the Name of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Whom You sacrificed to save us, your poor children, from the fires of Hell, hear our prayer. May we offer our humble sacrifices and accept trials and tribulations as a means to gain the salvation of all souls during The Warning.

We plead with You to forgive sinners, who find it hard to turn back and accept Your Merciful Goodness, to make the necessary sacrifices as You see fit to redeem them in Your Holy Eyes.  Amen

Short Prayers-Set 1

When you pray to Jesus each day, say this prayer.  

(a) Oh my precious Jesus embrace me in your arms and allow my head to rest upon your shoulders so that you can raise me up to your glorious Kingdom when the time is right.  Allow your precious blood to flow over my heart that we can be united as one.   

How to ask Jesus to help you resolve your worries

(b) Jesus I hand you over all my concerns in this matter, in confidence, so that the problem is now Yours to resolve, according to Your Most Holy Will.  

Prayer to say to convert others

(c) I urge You, Jesus, in your Divine Mercy, to cover those lukewarm souls with Your Precious Blood so they can be converted. Amen

Short Prayers-Set 2

If you truly love Jesus you will say

(d) Jesus Your Will is all that matters. My free will is Yours. Do with it as You may.

Prayer for mercy for those who will reject Jesus during the Warning

(e) Jesus, I beg for Mercy for all those who reject You and who are in most need of Your help.  

Prayer for the key to the New Paradise

(f) Dear Father, it is I, Your lost child, who, so confused and blind, that without Your Help, Your Love, I am nothing. 
Save me through the Love of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and give me the 
Key to Your New Paradise on Earth.  Amen.

Short Prayers-Set 3

To open your hearts to be blessed  by God’s Hand

(g) Dearest Father, reach out and touch my body and soul with Your Hand of Mercy.

Take me under Your Refuge

(h) Jesus, take me under Your Refuge to my Father and bring me Eternal Salvation.

For help against evil atrocities, turn to Jesus and say: 

(i) Jesus deliver us helpless sinners from Your Enemies.  

To accept the gifts of Insight, Endurance, Patience and Love, we say:

(j) Jesus give me the Gifts I need to remain true to You. Amen.


The 10 Commandments

I ask that you recite the Ten Commandments as often as you can. By doing so, you will know what it is that is required of you in order to truly serve God. 

1. I am the Lord your God. You shall not have other gods  besides me

2. You shall not take the name of The Lord God in vain.

3. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day.

4. Honor your father and your mother.

5. You shall not kill.

6. You shall not commit adultery.

7. You shall not steal.

8. You shall not bear false witness.

9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.

10.You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.



Protection against the False Prophet

Litany (1)  Dearest Jesus save us from the deceit of the False Prophet.

Jesus have Mercy on us.

Jesus save us from the persecution.  Jesus preserve us from the antichrist.  Lord have Mercy.  Christ have Mercy.

Dearest Jesus, cover us with Your Precious Blood.

Dearest Jesus, open our eyes to the lies of the False Prophet.

Dearest Jesus unite your Church.

Jesus protect our Sacraments.

Jesus don’t let the False Prophet divide Your Church.

Dearest Jesus help us to reject lies presented to us as the truth.

Jesus give us Strength.  Jesus give us Hope.  Jesus flood our souls with the Holy Spirit. Jesus protect us from the Beast.

Jesus give us the gift of discernment so we can follow the path of Your True Church at all times forever and ever.  Amen


For the Grace of Immunity

Litany (2) O Heavenly Father Most High, I love You, 
I honor You.
 Lord Have Mercy.
  Lord forgive us our trespasses. 
I adore You, 
I praise You, I give You thanks for all Your special Graces.

I beg You for the Grace of Immunity for  my beloved
 (name all those in a list for the salvation of souls) I offer You my loyalty at all times.

You, O Most Heavenly Father; Creator of all things,
 Creator of the Universe,
 Creator of humanity; 
You are the source of all things.

You are the source of Love. You are Love. I love You,
 I honor You.
 I lay myself before You.

I beg for Mercy for all souls who don’t know You; who don’t honor You; 
who reject Your Hand of Mercy.

I give myself to You in mind, body and soul
 so that You can take them into Your Arms, safe from evil.

I ask You to open the Gate of Paradise so that all Your children
 can unite, at last, in the inheritance you have created for all of us.  Amen.


Defend the Word of God

Litany (3) O dear Jesus, protect us from the lies, which offend God.

Protect us from Satan and his army.

Help us to love You more.

Sustain us in our battle.

Defend us in our faith.

Lead us to Your refuge of safety.

Help us stand up and defend Your Holy Will.

Strengthen our resolve to be Your true disciples.

Give us courage.

Give us confidence.

Guide us on the path of Truth.

Defend us against the enemy.

Pour Your Graces of Protection over us.

Help us to avoid temptation.

Bring us closer to Your Sacred Heart.

Help us to remain loyal to You at all times.


To mitigate punishment by God the Father

Litany (4) O God the Most High.

We beg You for Mercy for the sins of Your children.

We thank You for the Gift of the earth.

We thank You for the Gift of human life.

We treasure the Gift of life.  We uphold the Gift of life.

We thank You for the Gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

We thank You for the Gift of Redemption.

We praise Your Divinity.

We surrender, completely, before You, so that Your Holy Will can be completed, on earth, as it is in Heaven.

We thank You for the Gift of the Illumination of Conscience.

We thank You for the promise of eternal life.

We welcome the New Paradise.

We beg You to save all souls, including those who torment You and those who are lost to You.

We thank You for the Love you show all Your children.  We thank You for the Gift of prophecy.  We thank you for the gift of Prayer.  We ask You to grant us Peace and Salvation.  Amen. 

For the Salvation of Those in Mortal Sin

Litany (5) Jesus, save all sinners from the fires of Hell.

Forgive blackened souls.

Help them to see You.

Lift them out of darkness.

Open their eyes.

Open their hearts.

Show them the Truth.

Save them.

Help them to listen.

Rid them of pride, lust and envy.

Protect them from evil.

Hear their pleas for help.

Grasp their hands.

Pull them towards You.

Save them from the deception of Satan.  Amen.

 Gift of Graces

Litany (6) O dearest Jesus, my beloved Saviour,

Fill me with Your Love.

Fill me with Your Strength.

Fill me with Your Wisdom.

Fill me with Your Perseverance.

Fill me with Your Humility.

Fill me with Your Courage.

Fill me with Your Passion.


 Daily Prayers

My Gift to Jesus to Save Souls.

(1) My dearest Jesus, You who loves us so much, allow me in my humble way to help save Your precious souls. Have mercy on all sinners no matter how grievously they offend You. Allow me through prayer and suffering to help those souls who may not survive the Warning to seek a place beside You in Your Kingdom. Hear my prayer, oh, sweet Jesus, to help You win over those souls You yearn for. Oh, Sacred Heart of Jesus, I pledge my allegiance to Your most Holy Will at all times. Amen.

For Immunity.

(13)  O Heavenly Father, through the Love of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Whose Passion on the Cross saved us from sin, please save all those who still reject His Hand of Mercy.  Flood their souls, dear Father, with Your token of Love.  I plead with You, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer and save these souls from eternal damnation. Through your Mercy allow them to be the first to enter the New Era of Peace on Earth.   Amen.

Plenary Indulgence for Absolution.

(24) Oh, My Jesus, You are the light of the earth.  You are the flame that touches all souls. Your mercy and love knows no bounds.  We are not worthy of the sacrifice You made by Your death on the cross, yet we know that Your love for us is greater than the love we hold for You.

Grant us, Oh Lord, the gift of humility so that we are deserving of Your New Kingdom.  Fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can march forth and lead Your army to proclaim the truth of Your Holy Word, and prepare our brothers and sisters For the Glory of Your Second Coming on earth.

We honor You, We Praise You, and we offer our sorrows, our sufferings, and ourselves as a gift to You to save souls.

We love You, Jesus.  Have Mercy on all Your children wherever they may be. Amen.

(26) Pray the Rosary to save your nation

(The Holy Rosary has become a Crusade Prayer in it’s own right.) 

To avert war, famine and religious persecution

(30)  O my Eternal Father, God the Creator of the Universe, in the Name of Your precious Son, I beg You to make us love You more.  Help us to be brave, fearless and strong in the face of adversity.  Accept our sacrifices, sufferings and trials, as a gift before Your Throne, to save Your children on earth.

 Soften the hearts of unclean souls. Open their eyes to the Truth of Your Love, so that they can join with all of Your children in the Paradise on earth You have lovingly created for us, according to Your Divine Will. Amen.

To acknowledge God’s Seal and accept it with love, joy and gratitude.

(33) Oh My God, My loving Father, I accept with love and gratitude Your Divine Seal of Protection.  Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity.  I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty to You, my Beloved Father.  I beg You to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal and I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever.  I love You Dear Father, I console You in these times Dear Father.  I offer You the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son In atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children.  Amen.   (See also, Aug.23 2013 message)

A Pledge of Allegiance to the Divine Will.

(59) Oh Heavenly Father I pledge to you my firm allegiance to honor and obey you in all things united to Your Divine Will on earth.  I, through the Sacred Blood of Your only beloved Son, the True Messiah, offer you my mind, my body, and my soul on behalf of all souls, so that we can unite as one in your Heavenly Kingdom to come; so that your Divine Will is done on earth, as it is in Heaven. Amen.

Protect me from the influence of Satan

(68) Mother of God, Mother of Salvation Cover me with your most holy mantle and protect My family from the influence of Satan and his fallen angels.  Help me to trust in the Divine Mercy of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, at all times.

Sustain me in my love for Him and never allow me to wander away from the Truth of His Teachings, no matter how many temptations are placed before me.  Amen.

To God the Father to accept His Divine Will.

(69) God the Almighty Father I accept Your Divine Will. Help Your children to accept it. Stop Satan from denying Your children’s right to their Father’s Inheritance.
Never let us give up the fight for our inheritance in Paradise. Hear our pleas to banish Satan and his fallen angels. I ask You Dear Father to cleanse the earth with Your Mercy and to cover us with Your Holy Spirit. Lead us to form your most Holy army, laden with the power to banish the beast forever. Amen

 For 2 Billion Lost Souls

(79)O Dear Jesus I beg You to pour Your Mercy over the lost souls. Forgive them their rejection of You and use my prayer and suffering so You can, through Your Mercy, pour over them the Graces they need to sanctify their souls. I ask You for the gift of clemency for their souls. I ask You to open their hearts so they will go to You and ask You to fill them with the Holy Spirit so they can accept the Truth of Your Love and live with You and all of God’s family forever. Amen.

To enlighten the souls of the elites who rule the world.

(84) O dear Jesus, I beg You to enlighten the souls of the elites who rule the world.  Show them the proof of Your Mercy.  Help them to become open of heart and to show true humility, in honor of Your great Sacrifice by Your death on the Cross when You died for their sins.  Help them to discern who their True Maker is, who their Creator is, and fill them with the graces to see the Truth.  Please prevent their plans to hurt millions of people through vaccinations, shortage of foods, forced adoptions of innocent children and the splitting up of families, from taking place.  Heal them.  Cover them with Your Light and take them into the bosom of Your Heart to save them from the snares of the evil one.  Amen.

To protect our Nation from Evil

(87) O Father, on behalf of Your Son save us from communism. Save us from dictatorship.  Protect our nation against paganism. 
 Save our children from harm. 
 Help us to see the Light of God. 
 Open our hearts to the Teachings of Your Son.
 Help all Churches to remain true to the Word of God.
 We beg you to keep our nations safe from persecution.

Dearest Lord look upon us with Mercy no matter how we offend You.
 Jesus, Son of Man, cover us with Your Precious Blood.
 Save us from the snares of the evil one.
 We implore you, dear God, to intervene and stop evil from engulfing the world at this time. Amen.

To sustain faith and belief in God’s Message for the world

(102)Dearest Jesus, when I am down, lift me up.  When I doubt, enlighten me.  When I am in sorrow, show me Your Love.  When I criticize, help me to remain silent.  When I judge another in public, seal my lips. When I utter blasphemies, in Your Name, redeem me and bring me back into Your protection.

When I lack courage, give me the sword I need to do battle and save the souls You desire.  When I resist Your Love help me to surrender and abandon myself, completely, within Your Loving care.  When I wander away, help me to find the Path of Truth. When I question Your Word, give me the answers I seek.

Help me to be patient, loving and kind, even to those who curse You. Help me to forgive those who offend me and give me the grace I need to follow You to the ends of the earth.  Amen.

Free this soul from slavery

(104 )Dearest Jesus, I present to You the soul of my brother and sister, who has abandoned their soul to Satan.

Take this soul and redeem it in Your Holy Eyes.

Free this soul from slavery to the beast and bring it eternal salvation.  Amen.

To consecrate your children to Jesus Christ

(111) O dear Mother of Salvation, I consecrate my children (name of child/children here) before your Son, so that He can bring them peace of spirit and love of heart.  Please pray that my children will be accepted into the Merciful Arms of your Son and keep them from harm.  Help them to stay true to the Holy Word of God especially in times, when they are tempted to turn away from Him.  Amen.

For the Grace of Salvation

(112) Dearest Jesus, I call on You to cover the souls of those who have been infested by Satan with Your special Grace of Salvation. Free their poor souls from the wicked captivity from which they cannot escape. Amen.

For the Gift of Conversion:

(All those who receive the Medal of Salvation must recite this.)

(115)O Mother of Salvation, cover my soul with your tears of Salvation.  Rid me of doubts. Lift my heart, so that I will feel the Presence of your Son.  Bring me peace and solace.  Pray that I will be truly converted.

Help me to accept the Truth and open my heart to receive the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

To gather and unite all souls:

(128) Dearest Jesus, help us, Your beloved disciples, to gather the world in Your Arms and present to You the souls who are in most need of Your Great Mercy.

Empower us with the Gift of the Holy Spirit to ensure that the Flame of Truth engulfs all those who have become separated from You.

Unite all sinners so that each is given every chance of reconciliation.

Give all of us the strength to remain firm to Your Holy Word when we are forced to reject the Truth, which has been proclaimed to the world through the Most Holy Gospels.

We remain in You, with You and for You, every single step of this, our journey to salvation. Amen.

 For the Gift of Love

 (129)O God, please fill me with Your Love.

Help me to share the Gift of Love with all those in need of Your Mercy.

Help me to love You more.

Help me to love all those in need of Your Love.

Help me to love Your enemies.

Allow the love You Bless me with to be used to engulf the hearts of everyone I come into contact with.

With the Love, which You infuse in my soul, help me to conquer all evil, convert souls and defeat the devil and all those wicked agents of his, who try to destroy the Truth of Your Holy Word. Amen.

For the strength to defeat evil

(139) Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the devil. Cover me and all those who are weak and defenseless in his presence with Your Precious Blood.  Give me the courage to deny him and help me to avoid any attempt by him to engage me in any way, every day. Amen.

To protect the Mission of Salvation

(143) O Mother of Salvation, protect this Mission, a Gift from God, to bring Eternal Life to all of His children everywhere.

Please intervene, on our behalf, through your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to give us the courage to carry out our duties to serve God at all times and especially when we suffer because of this.

Help this Mission to convert billions of souls, in accordance with the Divine Will of God and to turn those hearts of stone into loving servants of your Son.

Give all of us who serve Jesus in this Mission the strength to overcome the hatred and the persecution of the Cross; and to welcome the suffering that comes with it, with a generosity of heart and with full acceptance of what may come ahead. Amen.

To Defend the Faith:

(151) O Mother of God, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Salvation, Pray that we remain loyal to the True Word of God at all times. Prepare us to defend the Faith, to uphold the Truth and to reject heresy.

Protect all your children in times of hardship and give each of us the Graces to be courageous when we are challenged to reject the Truth and renounce your Son.

Pray, Holy Mother of God, that we are given the Divine Intervention to remain Christians, in accordance with the Holy Word of God. Amen.

For Protection of the Mission of Salvation:

(155)O dearest Mother of Salvation, hear our call for the protection of the Mission of Salvation and for the protection of God’s children. We pray for those who defy the Will of God in this great moment in history. We ask that you protect all those who respond to your call and the Word of God, to save everyone from the enemies of God. Please help release those souls, who fall prey to the deceit of the devil and open their eyes to the Truth.

O Mother of Salvation, help us poor sinners to be made worthy, to receive the Grace of perseverance at our time of suffering in the Name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Protect this Mission from harm. Protect your children from persecution. Cover all of us with your Most Holy Mantle and favor us with the Gift of retaining our faith, every time we are challenged for speaking the Truth, for conveying the Holy Word of God, for the rest of our days now and forever. Amen.

Protect me from the one world religion: 

 (158)Dear Jesus, protect me from the evil of the new one world religion, which does not come from You. Sustain me on my journey to freedom, along the path to Your Holy Kingdom.

Keep me in union with You, whenever I am tormented and forced to swallow lies, which are spread by Your enemies to destroy souls.

Help me to withstand persecution, to remain firm to the True Word of God against false doctrines and other sacrileges, which I may be forced to accept.

Through the Gift of my free will, take me into the Domain of Your Kingdom, to enable me to stand up and proclaim the Truth, when it will be declared to be a lie.

Never let me falter, hesitate or run away in fear, in the face of persecution. Help me to remain firm and steadfast to the Truth for as long as I live. Amen.

Prayer of Peace for Nations

(164) O Jesus bring me peace.

Bring peace to my nation and all those countries torn asunder because of war and division.

Sow the seeds of peace amongst those hardened hearts who cause suffering to others in the name of justice.

Give all of God’s children the Graces to receive Your Peace so that love and harmony can thrive; so that love for God will triumph over evil, and so that souls can be saved from the corruption of falsities, cruelty and evil ambition.

Let peace reign over all of those who devote their lives to the Truth of Your Holy Word and those who don’t know You at all.  Amen.

To uphold the Holy Word of God. (For Priests: Alternate version recite daily)

(170) O Dear Lord, my beloved Jesus Christ: hold priests; protect them.  Keep them in the Light of Your Face as their persecution intensifies; when their only sin is to uphold the Truth, the Holy Word of God.  

Help them to find the courage to serve you faithfully at all times.  Give them Your Courage and Your Strength, as they fight to defend Your Teachings against fierce opposition.

Never desert them, Jesus, in their time of need and provide them with everything they need to continue to serve You, through the provision of the Holy Sacraments and Your Precious Body and Blood, through The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Bless them Jesus. Walk with them. Rest in them. Stay with them.  Amen

To uphold the Holy Word of God. (By Priests: Recite daily)

(170)  O Dear Lord, my beloved Jesus Christ: hold me; protect me.  Keep me in the Light of Your Face as my persecution intensifies; when my only sin is to uphold the Truth, the Holy Word of God.  

Help me to find the courage to serve you faithfully at all times.  Give me Your Courage and Your Strength, as I fight to defend Your Teachings against fierce opposition.

Never desert me, Jesus, in my time of need.  Provide me with everything I need to continue to serve You, through the provision of the Holy Sacraments and Your Precious Body and Blood, through The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Bless me Jesus. Walk with me. Rest in me. Stay with me.  Amen

Novena of Salvation Crusade  (3X)    (Said the second week of the month: Monday to Sunday)

(130) My beloved Mother of Salvation, please gain for all souls, the Gift of eternal salvation through the Mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Through your intercession I plead that you will pray to release all souls from bondage to Satan.

Please ask your Son to show Mercy and forgiveness for those souls, who reject Him, hurt Him with their indifference and who adore false doctrine and false gods.

We beseech you dear Mother, to beg for the graces to open the hearts of those souls who are most in need of your help.

Seasonal Prayers

 My Gift of Lenten Fasting to Jesus. (Daily during lent)

(34) Oh My Jesus, help me in my own small way to imitate your life of sacrifice in order to save mankind. Allow me to offer you the gift of fasting one day a week throughout Lent to save all of humanity so that they can enter the gates of the New Paradise on Earth. I offer you dear Jesus My sacrifice With love and joy in my heart. To show you the extent of my love through this sacrifice, I beg you for the salvation of every soul who may have fallen from grace. Amen.

Feast Day of Mother of Salvation

(154) O Mother of Salvation, I place before you today on this day, June 4th, the Feast Day of the Mother of Salvation, the souls of the following (list names).

Please give me and all those who honor you, dear Mother, and who distribute the Medal of Salvation, every protection from the evil one and all those who reject the Mercy of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and all the Gifts He bequeaths to humanity.

Pray, dear Mother, that all souls will be granted the Gift of Eternal Salvation. Amen.





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Sunday:      For the Clergy and the Church

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